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reparedness Facts of the Week
by Elizabeth Hall, Emergency Services Specialist - Kings County Office of Emergency Management

Part 11 of a 12 part emergency preparedness series
Threats & Hazards in CA - Heat Emergencies
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Extremely hot temperatures can result in death, especially among the medically fragile and elderly and have significant on agriculture.

Approximately 20 people die each year from heat-related emergencies, but a severe or extended heat wave can cause more casualties


Multi-year droughts may result in water shortages, which impact water available for human consumption and agriculture production in the more and arid areas of the state.

The California Emergency Management Agency Heat Contingency Plan (pdf download) Heat Contingency Plan (MS Word download) describes state operations during heat related emergencies and provides guidance for state agencies, local governments, and non-governmental organizations in the preparation of their heat emergency response plans and other related activities. Steps to protect you from heat emergencies are also available below.



  Food and Agriculture:



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