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reparedness Facts of the Week
by Elizabeth Hall, Emergency Services Specialist - Kings County Public Health Department

School House Rock! Revisited
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A while back I wrote an article about safety and preparedness websites for kids entitled “Knowledge is Power”: School House Rock!” I’d like to revisit that with a twist. You remember School House Rock on Saturday mornings don’t you? Originally airing from 1973 to 1985, they became a staple on Saturday mornings as we watched Saturday morning cartoons. They were on in between the cartoons and the commercials, and just before American Bandstand and Soul Train.
You Were Taught...
They were those animated catchy little tunes singing about grammar, history, science, economics, math and civics. With “Conjunction Junction”, you were taught what a conjunction was and when to use it. With “I’m Just a Bill”, you were taught the process of how a bill becomes a law; and “No More Kings” was about how America became a free country - free from Kings. What is the key word here? (Come on, I’ve highlighted them for you). That’s right, “taught”. Did we know we were being taught? Heck no…it was all about dancing around the living room and singing that so-easy-to-memorize song and watching the very clever animation of that time. Each one was presented in an educational, animated musical format.
Idea for School House Rock...
The idea for School House Rock was born when the creator noticed one of his sons who was having trouble in school remembering his multiplication tables, knew the lyrics to many current rock songs. And so an idea was born.
Resolve to be Ready!
With the coming of each new year, we start to think about how we can improve our lives in one form or another. You know what I’m talking about…those infamous “New Year’s resolutions”. Here at emergency preparedness, the new year means we begin our “Resolve to be Ready” campaign. This campaign is geared towards encouraging members of the community to make the resolution to put together a family communications plan, and take other simple steps to be prepared. So I got to thinking. Let’s include our kids in our planning efforts as a way of teaching them the importance of it all.
Tools for Knowledge...
One of the easiest ways we can begin the teaching process is through the various safety and preparedness websites available today. The sites have games and learning techniques for all ages, and some have curriculum for teachers. Just like School House Rock, we can give our children (of all ages) the tools to gain the knowledge they will need that will be most helpful without telling them that they are really learning.
Free Resources 
The following are some great (FREE) resources for both kids of all ages
and teachers as well:

American Red Cross’s “Master of Disaster” http://www.redcross.org/preparedness/educatorsmodule/ed-cd-main-menu-1.html


Let’s Get Ready
Sesame Street



Weather Wiz Kids
Resources for Parents and Teachers too


National Weather Service


U.S. Fire Administration for Kids
Resources for Parents and Teachers too!



Kidd Safety


Ready Kids


Sparky the Fire Dog


FEMA for Kids
Resources for Parents and Teachers



Code Red Rover
Resources for Parents and Teachers



Knowledge is Power!

As you can see, there is a lot of great information out there geared towards safety and preparedness for all ages – and it’s all free! You just need to tap into it. Like the old saying goes, “Knowledge is Power.” How powerful are you?.




Do your part for safety awareness by passing this information along to anyone you can think of who would benefit.

Have a great week, and remember…… Be Responsible - Be Ready - Be Prepared!

Teaming Up for Emergency Preparedness
Elizabeth Hall

Kings County Public Health Department

Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 852-2634


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